1. What certification do you have for your LED Explosion proof lights?

Answer: We have CE, RoHS, ATEX, cLCus, China Explosion proof approval for all of our LED explosion proof lights.

2. What experience do you have for LED explosion proof light application?

Answer: We are supplier of LED explosion proof lights for many famous companies, such as Sinopec,CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation), CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation),etc.You can see some cases from http://www.oalmox.buzz/index.asp?id0=3 .

3. Can you introduce briefly for your LED Explosion proof lights? Are they unique, different from other suppliers'?

Answer: Nibbe's LED explosion proof lights are designed and patented independently by Shenzhen Nibbe Optoelectronic technology Co.,Ltd. We ensure quality by using Bridgelux LED chip, aluminium housing and tempered glass. We ensure safety by strict testing and inspection. Yes. All of led explosion proof lights are unique, high-quality and safe.

4. How long is your LED explosion proof lights guaranteed?

Answer: We provide 3 years warranty for our LED explosion proof lights.

5. Then your LED explosion proof lights would be very expensive?

Answer: They deserve high value. However, Nibbe will provide all customers with reasonable price based on your quantity.

6. What's your MOQ? Can I buy one sample?

Answer: Our MOQ for LED explosion proof lights is 10pcs. Clients who want to buy 1-9pcs are also welcome. The sample charge would be 5% higher than normal production order.

7. So what's your LEAD TIME for sample and normal order production?

Answer: Our sample Lead Time: 7-10 days.

     Our production Lead Time: 7-15 days

8. What is your payment terms and shipping way?

Answer: Our usual payment is 30% deposit, balance before shipment By T/T.

     Our products can be shipped by sea, by air and by express.

Email: sales1@nb-led.com ; 

No.5 Jiaoyu North Road ,Pingdi , Longgang ,Shenzhen 518117 , China

Tel : +86-755-29995692

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